the roof garden is designed to provide further distinctive areas for relaxation, leisure, gardening, sunset watching e.g. which are not possible on the steep surrounding land of these holidays houses.

  • walking along a wood path offering a dry and resonant surface, the roof steps differentiated by colors and substrates textures provide sequences and various atmospheres.
  • green shelters provide shadows.
  • the garden is accessible by a stair from the deck level on one side and from the master bedroom on the second level on the other side.

the material used for the garden are recuperated from the building site, such wood and metal from the frame and concrete work.
the raining water is conducted to fall down as water jets on and through the deck, for recuperation by a stretched membrane sloping down to the water tank.

this terraced garden is designed as a repetitive ascending variations, slightly referring to the 5th symphony.


terraced garden as ascending variations.
the composition is roughly illustrated by the 5th symphony, with a repeated theme slightly variating from the beginning to the end.