• before the 2009's earthquake the dam was part of a green corridor project: a touristic development.
    At this time, the project proposed to create a sound, light and water event dressing up the existing construction by a kinetic structure, a giant fountain:
  • a looping tube supports articulated wings, dancing, shining under the effects of the wind, sunset and water jets.
  • the suggested installation would be developed with the theater performance as the stage decor and narrative means.


MianYang dam, SiChuan



  • the existing dam, built in the 50’s is featured by a superstructure containing the mechanism of water regulation. it is a 30 x 300m visual barrier which can be transformed in a huge stage with the embankment and the water surface as a theater in the end of a promenade from the city.

  • the show would perform by night from a floating structures such a conference and restaurant complex.




  • from upstream and downstream this dam is a visual barrier due to the water regulation mechanism: contention doors are lifted by engines installed in the dam superstructure.
  • located in the middle of a regional landscape development project, the dam becomes a huge theater for an outdoor water, sound and light event.
  • the show can be watched from the embankment and from a floating facility (restaurant and conference center) in the end of a navigation from the city center.

basic researches for a kinetic installation

preliminary idea of a kinetic installation looping around the dam superstructure as part of the water, sound and light event.

water is pumped up to the top of the dam for the water jets show.

view of the dam from the floating restaurant.

the existing road ahead of the dam as a promenade between the embankments.

According the status of this project, only suggestion of some scenic possibilities are shown in this conceptual image.

scale study with the relation between the dam and the floating restaurant.

embankment, floating restaurant accessible from the deck, with the dam and kinetic installation.