3000 of 3500 Swiss communes have less than 500 inhabitants. Following the compulsory to build civil protection (atomic) shelters in the underground, which compose first grade foundations, a gymnasium facilities were built above it with an insufficient added stage for the practice of some local and school leisure.
This situation being not in line with the needs of villages, the problem defined by the author as a base for the project development concerns the neutral multipurpose aspect of the space, targeting to use it as well for sports activities, culture (theater, music), leisure, events, seminars, etc... It's this institutional neutrality which is researched, a strong identity space, without any particular affectation but oppositely the neutral expression of multiple possibilities.
This multipurpose objective drives the project.

the portico as natural concept: a neutral front for this multi purpose facility.

perspective of the portico and column detail.

the valley, the slope of the street and the platform

the site is a platform sat in the slope between the main street of the village and the transit street, lower.

  • 1st floor with the bleachers
  • garden roof (the built is surface is recovered)

the ground floor with from left to right:

  • the stage
  • the multipurpose space (gymnasium, theater, meeting and leisure space)
  • the services block with the telescopic bleachers * the lobby
  • the classrooms
  • longitudinal section
  • 3 transversal sections


  • from the platform
  • from the street
  • from the field

variation with the school es a separate building

view from the village entrance

view from the village