The city has developed in a complementary sets of commercial, cultural and entertainment activities around the lake with libraries, conference center, corporate areas, bars, dancing and hotels.

This master plan of 150000m2 completes the 3rd side of a triangular journey connecting a future residential area with the Lake by the means of green corridors interlaced above and through the project.
Instead to disperse buildings in the land such an organic development, the MP can achieve of being a place retrofitting the used land surface by a garden on the roof.

The concept proposes a woven pattern, curled to realize variations in the continuity, allowing each part of the program to flexibly develop a series of spaces of different scales under a unitary voluminous apparatus.

The curled garden-roof is designed with walking paths, skate park, open cinema, climbing wall to retro-fit the green area taken along the lake with an entertainment and relaxation area; a "corner to see the lake" such meant by the local name WangHuJiao.

"WangHuJiao" literally: the corner to see the lake...

"WangHuJiao", the corner to see the lake will still exist as a garden-roof for leisures and retrofit of the green surfaces used by this high density project.

woven curled volumes and accesses to a garden-roof on this first sketch.
the commercial center extend on the roof for entertainment and leisure facilities, in order to refit the built land.

generation of the woven apparatus

  • the whole surface to build...
  • split each side of the existing road...
  • ...and crossed by the green corridors as a filter from the residential area.

the project is the entrance and one side 3rd side of a triangular journey.

topography and section
along the lake, the project realize a limit between the public and semi public area, crossed by the green corridors.

roof plan

1st level

2nd level

3rd level
the green corridors

underground parking


transversal sections
green corridors connect the towers

longitudinal sections
6 towers with circular slopes and lifts connects the street to the green roof through the retails, the libraries, the bars, and restaurants


  • from the lake
  • from the street
  • from the residential area