On a triangular area delimited by communal and deprtemental roads, "chemin des Roches" and "route de Berne", the context growths quickly since an EcoWaterPole and the M2 subway station were built nearby.

The study investigates the possibilities to realize a neighborood plan, to maximize the building possibilities for the whole or parts of the zone according the interests.

Overall the studies target to avoid the lost of eventual opportunities and to protect the plot owner's interest .

formed from the Swiss plateau on the decreasing steps of the tectonic zone called "horizontal sandstone", the project recognizes the local plateau, the conch and the slope under the listed trees of the woodland cord.
Thus the project both recognizes the built and geomorphologic environment.

geomorphology, topography and plots

surrounded by the groove of the "Flon" river and the plateau, the conch of "Vennes" is crossed by the chemin des roches" generating the triangular zone whose densification is targeted while the back of the conch is still in low density.

project and territory
between the undulating jura mountain and the pics of vaud alps, Lausanne is implanted on the north side of the Leman lake on the slope of the tectonic zone decreasing from the Swiss plateau.
the site allows a 180◦ view from one to the other.

project and territory

view of the plateau surrounding the conch whose the triangular part as the bottom of the conch (project location) and the top of the conch on the right. The parts are crossed by the chemin des Roches.


context with the AquaEcoPole


edge, limit and filter

topography and plots

north projects

try two combinations of plots.

  • 7314-7315
  • 7315-7316

hypothesis for a merging

a proposal for the transformation of the slope, making a terrace for 7316, concomitantly a covered space below for 7315

plan hypothesis for a merging

global project
(east project)

global project
rough variations: the present models do not show any projects but are rather made to collects remarks about the direction to follow.

global project var.5

global project var.6

global project var.3

global project var.11

global project var.12

global project var.13

global project var.14

west project
this part (wes project) was made in collaboration with VOLTOLINI-architectures.